Apr 14

Boosting morale and fostering camaraderie amongst members of a team are incredibly important. Having custom challenge coins made for your group is a great way to achieve this. These tangible mementos of what your team stands for and your loyalty to one another will go a long way towards cultivating a healthy and productive group dynamic. You can give these away after your team completes a significant task or accomplishment, or when new members are officially admitted into your group as a gesture that is sure to be genuinely appreciated and taken to heart. Having these coins will also be a handy way of deciding whose turn it is to buy a round of drinks on your next night out.

custom challenge coinsThere are many companies that specialize in the minting of custom challenge coins, and it is not difficult to find them. A quick internet search will yield numerous results, and it will be easy to find out which ones do good work by going through reviews and feedback left by former customers on independent websites. As with most customized products these days, challenge coins can conveniently be ordered online, so you don’t even have to deal with the trouble of leaving your home or office to get them.

What may not be so straightforward is the process of ordering itself. Having personalized coins made is rather different from creating items such as badges, t-shirts or even mugs. The words and shapes on custom challenge coins are either stamped or engraved onto the metal surface rather than simply being printed on, and you will need to plan the design accordingly.

A customized coin can contain a staggering amount of detail, but the nature of their construction makes errors much more obvious and much harder to correct. You don’t want to open a newly-delivered box of challenge coins only to find out that they all contain a mistake that could have been avoided if a clearer image had been provided. You should make sure that the images you pass on to the minting company are of the highest possible quality to avoid mistakes caused by blurred letters or unseen lines. The minimum image resolution for this purpose is usually 300 dpi (dots per inch).

Another point about design that you should keep in mind is that while almost any colors can be put on a challenge coin, they can only occur in solid blocks. This is because colors are applied by filling some depressed spaces on the coin with hard enamel paint. This is not a medium that readily lends itself to being blended into subtle gradations of color, especially if it needs to be put on a large number of coins. If the image you want on your coins has any subtle shading, you might need to enlist the help of the minting company’s designers to work out an alternative.

You will also need to consider the manner in which the coins will be presented – after all, you can’t just hand them to people straight out of the box. A good minting company will give you options suitable for a variety of occasions, from elegant pouches that you can use for event giveaways to formal frames and cases that the recipients can proudly display in their home or place of work.

When you place your order for custom challenge coins, be aware that their production takes time. The coins need to be stamped, plated and colored before they are ready to go, so don’t expect for it to be possible for your coins to get to you in just one day, or even a week. A fast delivery for challenge coins is one that takes place 10 days after you’ve finalized your transaction with the minting company, so be sure not to place yourself in a bind by ordering your coins too close to the date by which you’ll need them.

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Jan 23

With the use of live chat software, company owners can fully communicate with other employees, and communication has been made easy. Live chat programs allow full communication between parties without the need of an internet browser or any other plug-ins. Chatting is done through the use of an installed program which runs on a peer to peer network. Users will be able to use the chatting program once they have installed it to their server. There are various types of features found in live chatting programs. By knowing such features, you will be able to know the various actions that you can do with your chatting program.

Live VoIP or Voice over IP service

Of course, one of the many features of live chat software is that it allows users to communicate through VoIP. This means that, just like the telephone, users will be able to communicate with each other through a direct line. Users no longer need to type texts or any messages since they can say what they want to say through their microphone. VoIP communication depends on the speed of the user’s internet connection, so it is very important to have the best net connection.

Video Conferencing

live chatAre you tired of just talking online? Then try out video conferencing, which is offered in most live chat software programs. Video conferencing is based on a webcam to webcam communication wherein both parties can communicate through a video stream. Again, this feature is selected in various chat software programs and it can only be used if the right configurations are used. This means that users need to configure the webcam, check for its drivers and then set it up with the live chat program.

File Transfer

One of the best features found in most live chat software programs is file transfer services. This service allows users to pass files, such as pictures, videos and documents, directly through the chat program. Most chat programs provide drag and drop features wherein users will only need to drag their files to the chat window to send the files directly. Of course, there are also some programs which require setting up the file through the upload window, and once the other user on the line allows the transfer; he will be receiving the file.

Game and Application usage

Most chat software programs now allow game and application usage. Users can play chess or any other types of games with each other directly while chatting. There are a handful of plug-ins allowed in several live chat programs including face and video editors, games and even a voice changer. By adding the additional games and applications, users will surely have some fun while chatting.

Sep 19

While it may sound daunting, debt negotiation is something that you can succeed at without professional help. It may be true that your chances at success are far more likely if you do work with a debt settlement company, this doesn’t mean it is impossible. Not only does it take the knowledge on how to succeed, but it also takes the dedication and patience to will yourself to a debt-free life.

debtThe first thing that you need to understand is that in order to succeed at debt negotiation, you need to know a lot. You need to do a lot of research on your rights, what you can expect from the process and numerous tactics and techniques used to succeed at debt negotiation. A lot of this needs to be done in advance of actually speaking with the creditors or collectors.

One of the most important factors that cannot be overlooked is your knowledge of your finances. You need to be completely prepared to answer any question that comes your way. Nothing would look worse that you representing yourself in debt negotiation only to show them that you know nothing about what you are attempting to talk about. Analyze years of your financial records and decide how much you can realistically put aside for your debt payments. Obviously, the more you can pay, the faster you can be debt-free but you need to be realistic. Likely, being unrealistic is what has gotten you in this trouble in the first place!

Once you have done your research, you can begin the debt negotiation process by stopping your monthly debt payments. Instead transfer these funds to a separate account where you will build up a lump sum to pay off the creditors. You will start receiving calls at around 30 days after you have stopped your payments. The calls may sound threatening but you need to stand your ground and explain you do not have the money to pay off your debts at this time. In time, a creditor will likely turn your account over to a collector and at this point, you should have saved enough from your debt payments to have a lump sum for an offer.

This is where the debt negotiation starts. While it is sometimes good to feign ignorance, make sure you know what you are talking about when it comes down to it. It is just like negotiating for anything. Offer something low and expect to get your offer rejected, but the longer you drag out the debt negotiation, the better your offer will seem. Just ensure that the number that you agree upon in the end is something that you can actually afford (or you will have the same problem all over again!).

Make sure you get your deal in writing from someone who is authorized to give it to you. Most of your communication should be in writing, but it is imperative that your agreed upon lump sum payment is in writing as well. A signed copy of a settlement needs to be in your hands before you send any money.

There are plenty of ways to decrease your debt and doing it yourself is just one. If debt negotiation doesn’t sound like your thing, consider contacting debt settlement companies to help you erase your debt.

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Jun 18

Whether you enjoy a small veranda of a ten acre backyard, you can invest in some modern patio furniture. Outdoor furniture would come in handy for outdoor dinners, barbeque parties, pool lounging, napping and also provide ample place for relaxing while reading a book. No matter what your interests are, owning some patio furniture will definitely enhance the comfort of your home. When you are preparing to buy some outdoor furniture, there are several factors that you need to consider. To begin with, it is imperative to consider how much space you have. How much of that space do you want to have occupied by outdoor furniture? If you only have some limited outdoor space, you cannot go investing in furniture that will take up all the space.

patio furnitureThe other important factor that should be considered is the climate of the area where you live. The climatic conditions of the place where you live will determine the type of patio modern furniture that you go for. Choose the right material for your furniture to ensure that it will not be damaged in the harsh climatic conditions. Excessively cold climates could be detrimental to some materials. On the other hand, very hot temperatures could bleach wood and fabrics. If you live in places that experience heavy precipitation all year round, you may avoid investing in wooden furniture. Heavy rainfall could wrap your wooden furniture that lowering its appeal.

The other factor that you definitely need to consider is the material from which the furniture has been made. Outdoor furniture will be available in practically every material that is there to choose from. When choosing the right material, consider the beauty of your outdoor furniture. The material from which the modern patio furniture is made determines its aesthetic standards. However, do not concentrate on the aesthetic appeals alone. Consider also the price and the functionality of the furniture in question.

Always define your style and your theme. Usually, modern patio furniture comes in a wide range of styles. These include casual, contemporary, rustic and Tuscan. As you select the best style of outdoor furniture, consider its purpose. Also, consider whether the style complement the overall décor and design of your home. If you are seeking a casual down-home feel, you could go for rustic wooden picnic table. If you intend to liven up your patio area, you may consider going for some bright and bold furniture colors.

Jun 6

When looking to purchase a commercial refrigerator you will find that, there are a myriad of options to choose from. This may seem a tad daunting especially if you do not know what exactly you are looking for. To avoid being overwhelmed by the process, here are a number of considerations that you could keep in mind when buying a commercial refrigerator.

1. Dimensions of the refrigerator. This is an essential factor to consider, as it will determine whether the fridge can fit into the space that you have available. As such, before going out to purchase a commercial refrigerator, you need to establish where it will be located. In addition to this, you need to take the measurements of the space available. Remember that when you are considering the dimensions of the refrigerator, you also have to keep in mind the capacity that will be best suited to your commercial needs. If the space available does not match your required capacity, you may have to consider making additional room.

refrigerator2. Make a choice between solid door and glass doors. This is not something that people buying a fridge for personal use will consider. However, when it comes to commercial use, you will find that you will be storing many more items than you would as compared to a fridge that is used in the home. This is where glass doors become a convenience for commercial use. With the glass doors, one does not have to spend time with fridge doors open rummaging for food items. Instead, all you have to do is locate what you are looking for before opening the doors and this will save on energy consumption. However, one should keep in mind that solid doors tend to be more energy efficient than glass doors as they are more insulated.

3. Making a choice between legs or casters. The main factor to consider here would be the frequency at which you clean behind and below your commercial refrigerator. Casters tend to be popular option as they enable you to wheel the entire unit out to make it easier to reach those areas. However, whether the casters will come as a standard part of the refrigerator or not typically depends on the manufacturer. Most restaurant owners tend to opt for these as they make it easy for them to ensure they do not have anything to worry about during health inspections.

May 23

Being involved in a criminal trial can be a daunting experience. The outcome may depend on the type of legal representation you have. It would be unfortunate if you suffered the shame of a tarnished name and reputation just because you couldn’t get the services of a competent legal representative. With a Utah criminal defense attorney, you can be assured that you have the country’s best legal minds behind you during your trial. The attorneys will provide you with a fighting chance to redeem your name and reputation.

Getting a good attorney is therefore very important. Choosing one shouldn’t be difficult. Referrals are the best means by which to employ the services of a Utah criminal defense attorney. Referrals show that the referrer has had faith in the attorney and is willing to recommend him to anyone else. Another common means is through advertisements. Utah dailies are full of advertisements from attorneys in the classifieds sections.

Utah criminal defense attorneyYou can tell that an attorney is good by the way he approaches your case. The first step is to discuss the options that are available to you. A good Utah criminal defense attorney will explain the details of the case to you and even offer legal counseling where needed. Depending on how the attorney weighs the strength of the prosecutor’s case against you, he may advice on whether to continue to trial or to try and enter a plea bargain. Therefore, an experienced attorney who has adequate knowledge of the legal system in Utah comes in criminal defense attorney and as his advice will prove invaluable to you.

Many criminal trials have gone wrong just because the defense attorneys were ill prepared for it. With Utah criminal defense attorney you can be assured that the lawyers plan meticulously for your trial and ensure that no areas that could aid your freedom are left unexplored. He then relies on his adeptness at the courtroom to fight for you, giving his best to ensure you are given a fair trial.

While most of the clients of the Utah criminal defense attorney are guilty, some are innocent. It would be a miscarriage of justice if these individuals are sent to jail for crimes they did not commit. The attorneys can use their intuition to nudge them on to fight even harder when they believe that their client is innocent. That is why their services are highly recommended. However, when you or your family member or friend is facing any felony charge you should enlist the services of a defense lawyer.

May 21

Choosing to implement open source bug tracking software has its advantages and disadvantages. Despite the drawbacks, you might discover that using open source software can work for you after reading this article.


No Financial Requirement

One of the main reasons why users implement open source bug tracking software is because it’s free. If you are low on funds, using an open source system will be beneficial for your company. However, there’s some kind of drawback in this benefit: this kind of software takes more time to put up, and it’s harder to maintain. So if you have a big company, more time will be needed to arrange the software and it’s going to be even harder to maintain. You’ll need to hire programmers for the software’s maintenance, and if it’s hard to maintain, you might have to hire more of them. In other words, getting this free software could really be costly in the long run.

bug tracking softwareSuitable for Companies with Predictable Tracking Necessities

Open source bug tracking software is great for companies with simple tracking needs. If your company has specific tracking standards found in open source systems, then you don’t need a proprietary system.

No Financial Risks

Open source bug tracking software is a usual target of hackers, which is considered a financial risk. However, your company’s programmers should do a good job to prevent hackers from messing with your software. But aside from the hackers, there are no financial risks involved.


Configurability Issues

Almost all companies have tracking standards that this kind of software cannot meet. If you really want to meet your company’s tracking standards, you’ll have to spend huge amounts of time and effort. Also, configuring open source software could be more expensive than using a proprietary system.

Insufficient Customer Support

Usually, open source bug tracking software doesn’t have customer support. Unlike proprietary systems, open source systems do not have techs to aid you with your tracking difficulties. With this kind of software, you can only ask for support through online forums, which isn’t advisable for business software.

Easy Manipulation

The biggest drawback of open source trackers is that users are allowed to manipulate it. Since users can easily manipulate it, this will be easier for hackers. A single hacker can mess with your system’s source code if he wanted to.


For some users, implementing open source bug tracking software can be a viable option. But this is not advisable for users who have high tracking standards as it lacks security, configurability and customer support. In addition, this free software can actually be more expensive than using a proprietary system. If you want to know more about open source systems, talk to a bug tracking software provider.

May 18

Before, having a conference means that the person needs to be directly in front of his group or his associates but now, there is a new way for one to communicate without being physically near the other people. Through web conferencing, people can now have their meetings without going out of their home. Web conferencing is based on a type of service wherein conferences can be done in various locations. Such a service allows real time meetings as well as sending and receiving of various files and of the sources of information. Usually, members can be done through text messages, through video chats and through voice settings.

Functions of web conferencing

Web based conferencing is used for a number of applications including meetings, lectures, trainings, presentations and emergency communications. Some types of web conferencing will require the use of a software program in order to connect two or more computers together. Of course, most programs today no longer need to be installed; they can be played directly through the website. The requirements for web conferencing depend on the application used. For instance, VoIP conferencing requires the use of a high speed internet connection and an Operating System recognized by the software. Most programs also allow sharing of files as well as video conferencing. There are also some specific programs which allow recording of meetings, control access, scheduling, games and calendar or email sharing.

Features of web conferencing

There are key features for most web conference software programs. One of which is through live streaming and sharing. This feature allows sharing of videos and streams through digital video cameras. Another feature of web conferencing is through the use of direct control and presentations sharing. Direct control is based on allowing one of the members of the group to access the files and folders found in the computer of another member. This type of feature is quite similar to a remote control wherein we can control devices even if we are not physically near it. In terms of presentations sharing, it is based on sharing various forms of data like PowerPoint presentations directly through the program. The files can be presented through screen sharing or through direct user interface of software programs.

Another feature for most web conferencing software programs is whiteboard and text chat sharing. Whiteboard programs are often integrated directly from the web conference software. It allows users to show texts and drawn figures to be shown to the various members of the group. Hence, all of the lectures or meetings will have the proper illustrations and images. Whiteboard and text chat features also allow the surveys and polls to be shared through the members of the conference group. Such are the features found in most web conferencing programs.

Apr 25

Adirondack chairs are one of the few types of furniture that are clearly identifiable as for outdoor use. They have gained popularity over the years with homeowners, as they are a great fixture for gardens, patios, porches and more. Since these types of chairs are primarily used outdoors, it is pertinent that homeowners take the necessary steps to ensure that they are sufficiently protected from the different elements of the weather. One of the best ways of doing this is investing in the appropriate chair covers.

Furniture that is used indoors does not need much protection, as they are not exposed to sunshine, rain and so on. However, the Adirondack chairs will be facing a range of elements such as drastically changing temperatures, heavy rain and so on. As much as they are manufactured with durable materials, these will still fall prey to wear and tear after an extended period of time. This happens to furniture made from any type of material even plastic. To ensure that you extend the life span of your Adirondack chairs, it would be highly advisable to get chair covers that will protect them when they are not in use. This will enable you to avoid costly repairs or having to replace them before their time.

Adirondack chairsWhen is search of chair covers for these seats, you will find that they come in a variety of prices. In addition to this, some of these covers will come with additional feature and this will determine their cost. Generally, these chair covers tend to be made from heavy gauge vinyl. In addition to this, they also have a polyutherane lining. The covers made especially for Adirondack chairs that come with UV protection will tend to be priced on the higher end as this makes them resistant to the sun’s rays too. These chairs covers will stay in place either through the use of Velcro trips or by using ties that have been sewn into the covers.

There are two types of covers that you can choose from for these pieces of furniture. The first category would be the individual covers. These ones are deigned to be fit individually over the chairs. You could choose to either purchase them singly or as part of a set for all your pieces. The second category is combination pieces. These covers are designed to fit over multiple pieces of furniture and as such tend to be bulkier and much larger.

Apr 8


The best dehumidifier is one that improves the qualityBest Dehumidifier of air in your home and not just removing the moisture. Apart from moisture control, it should also be able to help get rid of pollutants that could cause diseases. It is wise that you know the important areas that need to be covered so that you can look for the right dehumidifiers once you go shopping for one. The four essential areas that need to be covered by a dehumidifier are water, air, ventilation and energy.

Water quality can be improved through addressing of lime scale and impurity problems. The best dehumidifier should be able to stop the deterioration of water in your house. This will allow you to use the water in your house for different purposes such as cleaning dishes or washing clothes without worrying about the quality. This goes a long way in making your house a healthy living environment.

Apart from just moisture and water control, the best dehumidifier is also an air purifier. This is an essential feature and removes all the contaminants in the air. These can be biological or chemical contaminants. It should be able to get rid of mold, viruses, bacteria, dust mites and other contaminants that could cause respiratory diseases. Most people spend a lot of time indoors, and you need to ensure that while you are in the house, you are only breathing in clean air.

Another essential feature of the best dehumidifier is ventilation. Most homes are built to be air tight so that people living inside are not exposed to extreme weather conditions during the summer or winter. However, when the homes are sealed like this, ventilation can be a problem since air won’t be flowing in and out easily. Therefore, indoor ventilation is essential so that a home can be free of pollutants by expelling the bad air and allowing a flow of clean air around the house.

Finally, the last essential feature of the best dehumidifier is energy efficiency. You need to be able to reduce your energy bills a great deal for sustainability. This not only helps you cut on your monthly spending but also helps you play your part in protecting the environment. Therefore, a dehumidifier should be able to offer full performance while using as little energy as possible. If you are looking for a dehumidifier for your home, you should consider if it has all the above essential features.